The Drillbutler - The new helper for drilling


With the Drillbutler it is very easy to make drillings at the correct positions and to vacuum off the dust during the drilling procedure, so that it cannot spread in the surrounding area.

Since 10/01/2014 the Drillbutler was patent pending. Meanwhile the patent was issued under the number 516022.

The implementation

The Drillbutler consists of a only a few centimetres big body, in which a steering plate made of wear-resistant material is adjustably mounted with holes to guide the drill, and a connecting piece for a customary vacuum cleaner.

Since different drill diameters are used, said steering plate features holes of different sizes. During the drilling procedure the steering plate is fixed in its position, but it can easily be adjusted without the use of tools. A slip-resistant element at the bottom of the body prevents slipping during the drilling process.

The dust arising will be vacuumed off by a customary vacuum cleaner, which is connected to the connecting piece of the jig by a vacuum cleaner hose.

The application

When using the Drillbutler first you have to mark the position of the hole at the desired location, second you have to adjust the Drillbutler to the required diameter and connect the vacuum cleaner.

Then the Drillbutler has to be held against the wall/ceiling, so that the mark is in the centre of the opening of the steering plate. After turning on the vacuum cleaner, the drilling process takes place and the arising dust will be removed completely due to the shape of the body.

The Drillbutler can be used in any position, even overhead.

  By the way: The Drillbutler was not only developed in Austria, but is also produced in Austria!  
Further information (Note: You will need a PDF-Viewer to view the documents! They are both in german language!)
- operating manual (PDF-document, 633 KB)
- declaration of conformity (PDF-document, 973 KB)
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