Drilling jig with integrated suction

... the advancement

When we were testing the Drillbutler, we ascertained that the suction hoses sometimes were too short or hindering especially when making drillings in ceilings. Therefore we thought about combining the drilling jig with a battery-operated vacuum cleaner in the very same housing. The battery used would be replaceable so that you can use the drilling jig a whole workday.  


Another advantage would be that you can use different other suction or blow-nozzles instead of the drilling jig. So the outcome would be a compact combination machine that can not only be used as an exact drill guide and dust suction but also for other suction or blow-tasks that need to be done at the workplace.

  Annotation: The drilling jig with integrated suction is still a prototype, consisting of 3D-printings, that successfully passed our function tests. We are currently considering possible marketing methods.  

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