Because of renovations of our office in July 2014 we had to figure out how to accomplish those as quickly as possible without soiling our interior, which we could not, for lack of space, stow away. Without further ado we build an auxiliary device that should allow one person to make precisely fitting bores in the quite porous plaster and to suck off the arising dust at the same time.  
  This auxiliary device consisted of a metal plate with holes of different sizes appropriate to the needed bore diameters (as a steering plate for the drill) and foam rubber that should prevent slipping. With our 3D-printer we printed a connecting piece, which we used to connect the suction hose of the present vacuum cleaner to the drill guidance.  That way it was possible for us to make bores quickly and dust free.  

When the renovations were finished we made a market survey. Thereby we ascertained that no product throughout the market was able to make bores quickly and dust free at the same time. Therefore we developed the initially short-dated auxiliary device further and made successful tests with this drilling jig.

At iENA 2014 we officially introduced our invention to the public and were rewarded with a silver medal. The positive feedback we got, encouraged us to develop the drilling jig even further and resulted in the idea of the Drilling jig with integrated suction as a combination between drilling jig and battery-operated vacuum cleaner. At the iENA 2015 the Drilling jig with integrated suction was introduced to the public and we made further inquiries concerning sales channels and marketability. This was followed by months of fine-tuning and finally the invention got a name. The Drillbutler was born. At the iENA 2016 the Drillbutler was presented to the public as a buyable product for the first time andthe sales launch took place!

Due to our capabilities:

--> 3D-construction with Solid Works,

--> making of 3D-printouts and

--> mechanical processing

a simple idea resulted in a market-ready prototype and finally in a buyable product.

Here (and above) you can see a variety of 3D-printouts that were printed during the development process
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